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Morning (Clare Fischer)

One of my heroes of composing wonderful melodic lines and harmonies in latin music is Clare Fischer. He passed away in 2012.

His most successful composition is Morning.

I was happy to have a small talk with him years ago on the Rotterdam conservatorium. He sort of apologised himself for writing it. It seemed he had not expected the commercial success of it, though he admitted the song would provide him a nice income for his old days...

This big band-arrangement features the piano that plays the tune. Halfway there is an alto-and guitarsolo. It ends in montuno-style and a small afterparty.

Level: two versions, an intermediate version that is a bit more challenging due to the original key (B flat-minor) and higher trumpet (written high c).

The other version is easy/intermediate and in G minor.

This is a computer-sample version of the B flat-minor version. The solos are left out.

Level: easy/intermediate (G minor) or intermediate (B-flat minor).

Price: € 39,=

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