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What's new?

Well you needn't (instrumental)

One of Thelonious Monk most played compositions.

Spinning Wheel (vocal)

The sixties come alive with this huge Blood, Sweat & Tears hit.

What the world needs now is love (vocal)

One of Bacharachs most popular songs.


Burt Bacharach

At the age of 94 Burt Bacharach passed away recently. Honour him by playing his music:

Bond Street (instrumental)

I just have to breath (vocal)

What the world needs now (vocal)


The latest added charts are:

Spinning Wheel (vocal)

What the world needs now is love (vocal)

Bristol Boogie (instrumental)

Black Pearl (vocal) (known from the Dutch singer Margriet Eshuijs who recently passed away).

Forget Regret (vocal)


Upcoming titles:

Some titles below are available now but not yet included as a page on my site: contact me at

Let the music play (vocal)

The Rock Steady Crew (rap)

Alligator Boogaloo (instrumental)