Everybody needs a best friend

Everybody needs a best friend (Walter Murphy/Seth MacFarlane) - Sung by Norah Jones

Here is the very charming title-song of the successful motion-picture “Ted”. It is sung by Norah Jones.

There are three versions available:

* Easier level: highest note 1st trumpet A'' flat (sounding), B'' flat (written).  

Key (concert): B-flat modulating to C.

* Intermediate level: highest note 1st trumpet occasionally up to D''' (sounding), E''' (written).

Key (concert): B-flat modulating to B-natural.

* Intermediate level with added strings (violin 1&2, viola, violoncello) and 3 flutes.

Below is both the original Norah Jones audio with strings as well as the 'easier' version published on Facebook by Louisa Chatterton and her St. John's Big Band.

If you prefer to listen to audio of the intermediate version I can send you an mp3  of the score (played by computer samples).


easier, intermediate or with strings/flutes .

Price: € 42,= /€ 42,= / € 75

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